About Kyoto

Kyoto - The Cultural Capital and Spiritual Heart of Japan

Kyoto was the ancient capital of Japan and has over 1,200 years of history. Often called the spiritual heart of Japan, Kyoto is filled with culture and living traditions including a stunning total of 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites all located less than 30 minutes apart. Voted the world’s most popular destination two years in a row by Travel + Leisure magazine. Kyoto currently remains in the top ten for the 6th year in a row.

Tradition meets Innovation

In the city’s long history, Kyoto has always been a center of cultural and technological innovation within Japan. 47 universities as well as numerous research institutions and forward-thinking corporations proudly uphold Kyoto’s tradition of innovation on the world stage.

Easy Access

Trains, coaches and hotel shuttle taxis offer easy access from the Airport. Domestic transfer flights and bullet trains to arrive in Kyoto. Once you arrive, our easy to understand integrated mass transit system with English signs makes convenient to get around.

Safety and Security

Japan currently ranks as the #6 safest country in the world.
In recent years, safety has become an very important factor in determining suitable host cities for meetings.

The Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area ranked in at #1 as the world’s safest city in the QS Best Student Cities 2017 Index.

In Kyoto, we are famous for our impeccable track record of public safety and low crime. We have some of the lowest rates of violent crime in the world. Taxi drivers and shop owners are friendly and honest. Petty theft and pickpocketing is almost unheard of here.

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