Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

Extension of the Abstraction Submission Deadline
The abstract submission deadline has been extended until 23:59 on 31 March (Japan Standard Time). As this is the final deadline, please ensure that any new submissions or changes to existing submissions are made by this date.
Please refer to the manual below for the Abstract Submission / Conference Registration Procedure.

Asian Criminological Society (ACS) Conference 2020
Call for Abstracts

March 15, 2021 >> 23:59 on 31 March (Japan Standard Time)

Please note that late submissions will NOT be accepted.
Additionally, submissions that do not conform with the following guidelines will be rejected.


Considering the widespread impact COVID-19, all individual presentations (Individual Paper Presentations and Pre-arranged Thematic Panel Sessions) will, in principle, be held online. Nevertheless, for those for whom it is possible to present in-person at Ryukoku University during the conference, please indicate this at the time of submitting your abstract application.
We plan to inform those who have submitted abstracts whether they have been accepted or rejected on March 31, with the Conference Program being announced at the beginning of April.

Individual Paper Presentations

Submissions for an individual presentation in a regular panel session are invited. Authors will be required to submit the following information: affiliation; title of the proposed paper; abstract body; and two categories which fit the theme of their paper. We are particularly encouraging of submissions in which work has been completed or where substantial progress has been made. Presentations about work that has yet to begin or is only in the formative stage are unlikely to be accepted.

Pre-arranged Thematic Panel Session

Submissions for a Pre-arranged Thematic Panel Session of 3-5 presenters are invited. There are two important steps in submitting a Panel.

1) Each Panel should designate one individual ("Representative of the Panel Session") who is required to submit Panel Session Information about the proposed Panel and Panel Speakers. They can do this through clicking on the "For the Representative of the Panel Session" button on the online system.

2) Each Panel Speaker is required to individually submit their abstract through the online system through clicking on the "Abstract Submission (Panel Session)" button on the online system, providing the same information as that for "Individual Paper Presentations" as well as the name of the Pre-arranged Thematic Panel Session.

Abstract Guidelines

A typical abstract will summarize, in one paragraph of 200 words or less, the major aspects of your research, including: 1) the purpose of the study and the research problem(s) under investigation; 2) the design of the study; 3) major findings of the analysis; and 4) a brief summary of interpretations and conclusions. Although not all abstracts will conform to this format, they should all contain enough information to frame the problem and orient the conclusions.

Registration of Presenters

All presenters are required to register for the conference before April 10, 2021 >> 23:59 on 30 April (Japan Standard Time). For conference registration, please click on the following link:


Considering the widespread impact COVID-19, all individual presentations (Individual Paper Presentations and Pre-arranged Thematic Panel Sessions) will, in principle, be held online.

Additional Notes

  • Presenters are responsible for costs relating to their presentations (including, but not limited to, electronic devices and network fees for online presentations).
  • An individual may apply for and submit up to 2 abstracts as a presenter.
  • The duration of both regular panels and pre-arranged thematic panels is 90 minutes. The length of each presentation will be 15 minutes.
  • All submitted abstracts will undergo a peer review process following the application deadline and the results will be notified to the author's/panel representative's registered e-mail address (ID) around the late of March >> at the beginning of April, 2021.
  • The conference will take place from Friday, June 18 to Monday, June 21, 2021. Sessions may be scheduled at any time during the conference. The ACS cannot honor personal preferences for day and time of presentations.
  • We encourage participants to submit well in advance of the deadline so that ACS2020 staff may assist with any submission problems while the call for papers is still open. Please note that ACS2020 staff members will respond to inquiries during normal business hours (Japanese Standard Time).

Abstract Application Form

Submission ProcedureAbstract Categories

New conference registration and abstract submissions has been accepted from January 15, 2021.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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