Abstract Categories

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No. Category Title No. Category Title
1 Perspectives on Crime:
Biological, Bio-social, and PsychologicalPerspectives
31 Correlates of Crime:
2 Perspectives on Crime:
Desistance Theories, Developmental and LifeCourse Perspectives
32 Correlates of Crime:
3 Perspectives on Crime:
Strain, Learning, Structure, Culture, Anomie, andControl Theories
33 Correlates of Crime:
Restorative Justice
4 Perspectives on Crime:
Situational and Interactionist Theories
34 The Criminal Justice System:
Police Organization and Training
5 Perspectives on Crime:
Social Disorganization and Community Dynamics
35 The Criminal Justice System:
Police Strategies, Interventions, and CommunityRelations
6 Perspectives on Crime:
Feminist Criminological Perspectives
36 The Criminal Justice System:
Prosecution, Courts & Sentencing
7 Perspectives on Crime:
Critical Criminology, Theories of Conflict,Oppression, and Inequality
37 The Criminal Justice System:
Capital Punishment
8 Types of Offending:
Violent Crime
38 The Criminal Justice System:
Jails & Prisons
9 Types of Offending:
Property and Public Order Crime
39 The Criminal Justice System:
Community Corrections
10 Types of Offending:
40 The Criminal Justice System:
Alternative to imprisonment, Diversion Program
11 Types of Offending:
Family and Intimate Partner Violence
41 The Criminal Justice System:
Therapeutic Jurisprudence
12 Types of Offending:
Sexual Offending
42 The Criminal Justice System:
Procedural Justice
13 Types of Offending:
Sex Work and Human Trafficking
43 The Criminal Justice System:
Prisoner Reentry
14 Types of Offending:
White Collar, Occupational, and Corporate CrimeCorruption
44 The Criminal Justice System:
The Juvenile Justice System
15 Types of Offending:
Organized Crime and Corruption
45 The Criminal Justice System:
Mass Incarceration, Punitivism, Penal Populism
16 Types of Offending:
Identity Theft and Cyber Crime
46 The Criminal Justice System:
Prisoner Experiences with the Justice System andConvict Criminology
17 Types of Offending:
State Crime, Political Crime, and Terrorism
47 The Criminal Justice System:
Politics and Justice
18 Types of Offending:
Hate Crime
48 Perceptions of Crime & Justice:
Media & Social Construction of Crime
19 Types of Offending:
Juvenile Delinquency Young people
49 Perceptions of Crime & Justice:
Attitudes about the Criminal Justice System &Punishment
20 Correlates of Crime:
Gangs and Co-offenders
50 Perceptions of Crime & Justice:
Fear of Crime and Perceived Risk
21 Correlates of Crime:
51 Comparative & Historical Perspectives:
Cross-National Comparison of Crime & Justice
22 Correlates of Crime:
Trauma and Mental Health
52 Comparative & Historical Perspectives:
Historical Comparisons of Crime & Justice
23 Correlates of Crime:
Race and Ethnicity
53 Comparative & Historical Perspectives:
Human Rights and Justice
24 Correlates of Crime:
54 Comparative & Historical Perspectives:
Globalization, Crime, and Justice
25 Correlates of Crime:
Neighborhoods & Structural Inequalities
55 Comparative & Historical Perspectives:
Asian Criminology and Southern Criminology
26 Correlates of Crime:
Sex and Sexualities
56 Comparative & Historical Perspectives:
Teaching Criminology
27 Correlates of Crime:
Poverty and Social Class
57 Comparative & Historical Perspectives:
28 Correlates of Crime:
Bullying, Harassment, and Abuse
58 Comparative & Historical Perspectives:
Crime Statistics, Victimization Survey
29 Correlates of Crime:
Families and Peers
59 Comparative & Historical Perspectives:
Religion in crime & Justice
30 Correlates of Crime:
School Experiences
60 Others

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