Travel Information

Q. Is there any recommended accommodation that is convenient (and preferably near) to the conference venues?
A. There are not specific recommended hotels for conference attendees to stay at, but the following general information may assist you.
The area around Kyoto station provides good access to the conference venues located at Ryukoku University’s Fukakusa Campus and Omiya Campus. In addition, the “Karasuma” Subway Line provides easy access across the north and south of the city. There are a lot of accommodation options located near to the following subway stations: “Kyoto” (京都), “Gojo” (五条), “Shijo” (四条) and “Karasumaoike” (烏丸御池). Please choose in accordance with your budget.
In recent years, Kyoto has become one of the best sightseeing cities in the world and attracts many visitors each year. We would thus recommend that you book accommodation before May to take advantage of hotel availability.

For further reference, the following website may provide some useful information:
>>TripAdvisor > Hotels / Ryokan near Kyoto Station Building

Registration and Abstract Submission

Q. Why do I get an error when I try to log in to the Abstract System with my Registration account?
A. ACS 2020 uses different systems for Registration and Abstract Submission. Therefore, it is necessary for you to create a separate account. The login page for each system may be found via the respective links below.
>>ACS 2020 Registration Application
>>ACS 2020 Abstract Application

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