Keynote Speakers

Announcement of keynote speakers

We are pleased to announce that four distinguished scholars from various fields and countries will deliver keynote speeches at the 2020 Asian Criminological Society Conference. The keynote speakers are:

• Prof. David W. Garland
• Prof. Dennis S. W. Wong
• Prof. Shadd Maruna
• Prof. Lorraine Mazerolle

For additional information on these speakers, please click on the respective links.

Information on further invited guests will be announced in due course.

Prof. David W. Garland

New York University, USA
Professor of Law and Sociology

Research themes: American punishment in comparative perspective; crime control and criminal justice; history and sociology of the welfare state; modern social theory; the history and sociology of punishment; the history of criminological ideas.

Prof. Dennis S. W. Wong

City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Professor of Criminology and Social Work

Research themes: Juvenile delinquency; youth values; bullying and school violence; restorative justice; parent-child relationships.

Prof. Shadd Maruna

Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom
Professor of Criminology

Research themes: Desistance from crime; offender reintegration; penal reform; narrative methodology.
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Prof. Lorraine Mazerolle

Queensland University, Australia
Professor of Criminology

Research themes: Experimental criminology; policing; drug law enforcement; regulatory crime control; crime prevention.

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